Compared to the standard rubber thong, Aussie Soles are healthier for the feet, more fashionable, more eco-friendly, and represent a superior modern alternative

Aussie Soles vs the Standard Rubber Thong

The standard rubber thong was an Australian institution for decades, but in more recent times, many people have come to realise its serious shortcomings. Because if you’re going to live in a certain type of orthopedic footwear for the better part of the year, you want it to be healthy on your feet. And, if possible, you want it to be fashionable, too.

Standard rubber thongs cannot claim to be either of those things, but Aussie Soles can. And, as we’ll show below, those two properties aren’t the only advantages that Aussie Soles orthotic shoes have over the standard rubber thong.


Support & Relief vs Potential Harm

Unlike the standard rubber thong, which isn’t intended to do much more than serve as a barrier between your skin and hot sand, sharp stones or backyard bindis, Aussie Soles AU also provide wearers with support and relief. Praised by podiatrists, Aussie Soles are moulded to support the foot and distribute weight evenly, giving maximum comfort, reducing pain from certain conditions and promoting correct posture. Those with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or claw toes in particular will feel a sense of relief when wearing Aussie Soles compared to other footwear that may even cause harm through its lack of support.


Fashionable vs Forgettable

We’ve established that Aussie Soles AU make feet feel good, and now is probably the moment to point out that they make them look good as well. Unlike the standard rubber thong which has no style to speak of apart from maybe a bit of nostalgia or kitsch value, Aussie soles AU come in an array of genuinely fashionable designs in sizes for children through to adults. Trust us when we say that, with the number of colours/patterns available, you may find it hard to pick a favourite!


Eco-friendly vs More Potential Harm

Obviously not all standard rubber thongs are made of potentially toxic plastics, but some of them definitely are. Compare this to Aussie Soles footwear, where new designs (plus current ones from December) are composed of sugarcane bio-polyethylene. Being plant-based, their carbon footprint is smaller than that of a standard rubber thong. And doesn’t it just feel better wearing shoes you know are environmentally friendly?


A Step Ahead vs Outdated

A complete lack of consideration for healthy living, changing fashions or eco concerns are just three ways in which standard rubber thongs haven’t kept up with the times. Aussie Soles, on the other hand, is a sophisticated modern brand whose products are only going to continue improving in quality and versatility.


Time to Ditch the Standard Rubber Thongs!

Get out of those and get into the superior alternative: Aussie Soles AU. You can explore the range and order directly from our website store. However, if you need to contact us for any reason, you can call our headquarters in Coolum Beach, Queensland on (07) 5351 1900. We offer free shipping on orders over $75. Oh, and did we mention that each p. of Aussie Soles Starfish Arch Support Thongs comes with a 12-month guarantee? It’s all part of our commitment to customer service.


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