Just like you keep the rest of your body in top nick, it’s important that you don’t neglect your feet! You can keep your feet healthy and avoid pain, infections and foot problems by sticking to a hygiene routine and making proper footwear choices.

For starters, choosing breathable shoes will allow air to circulate and keep your feet dry (a great tip if you have sweaty feet!) And while we’re speaking about sweaty feet, this is a no brainer – don’t share your shoes. No one wants a fungal infection from borrowing shoes from your bestie.

Stick to a good hygiene routine for your feet and you’ll prevent many foot problems. You don’t need Captain Obvious to tell you to take a shower daily, but while you’re in there make sure you thoroughly wash your feet with soap (or an antibacterial soap if necessary) and make sure you dry them well when you get out, including between your toes.

Keep your nails trimmed and be careful not to trim them too close to the skin. If your toenails are cracked or become discoloured, don’t ignore it, it could be the sign of fungus.

Finally, it’s important to self-check your feet. Once a week, give your feet a good inspection and check for any changes, skin cracks or discolouration. This is especially important if you have diabetes.

It doesn’t take long and if you keep it up regularly, you’re set with happy, healthy, hygienic feet.

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