Go Farther and Do More in Comfort with Men's Orthopaedic Flip Flops from Aussie Soles

Orthopaedic flip flops in men's styles open doors to new adventures.

The easy comfort provided by flip flops is hard to pass up — even when your feet start to complain. Whether you've recently had surgery on one of your feet, or you're contending with some other form of discomfort, it doesn't mean that you have to abandon your favourite style of footwear. Today, there are options for men's flip flops that not only provide you with the support you need, but which feature a design intended for those with a passion for an active lifestyle.

The Importance of Men's Supportive Flip Flops

Why is it so important that you seek out thongs that provide broad support to your feet, though, and how are they any different from ‘normal’ flip flops? These are good questions because they open the door to understanding how you can protect your feet. You need support because:

  • Over time, the supportive tissues in our feet can weaken. This can also occur as a result of injury or after surgery. If left unchecked, the arch of the foot can ‘collapse’ due to this weakening, resulting in painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis.
  • The longer you spend on your feet, the more likely they are to hurt. Supporting your feet more thoroughly better distributes your weight and helps prevent the development of painful pressure points.
  • Support can help to correct concerns with posture and standing stability over time; orthotics can be a regular part of making your body healthier.

How Aussie Soles Offers Superior Men's Flip Flops with Arch Support

At Aussie Soles, we've provided comfortable and stylish men's flip flops for more than a decade, but our popularity is not just about the starfish pattern on the bottom of the sole. Instead, it's the quality and ingenuity of our design that makes them a popular choice with many people. Some of the reasons we stand out from the pack include:

  • Tarsal support bars in every pair, allowing your feet to easily grip the thong and walk without undue strain.
  • Strong arch and heel support that doesn't compromise on comfort for your feet. Designed with anatomical correctness in mind, these features ensure you can feel good wherever you walk.
  • Single-injection mould construction — no plastic plugs to break off and leave you with a useless pair of flip flops after just a few outings. Aussie Soles easily last from one to three years, depending on usage.

When you want to stay on the move without sacrificing your comfort, a pair of Aussie Soles men's flip flops is the best choice.

Why Choose Aussie Soles?

With a passion for delivering products that are comfortable, enjoyable to wear, and versatile enough for all kinds of activities, Aussie Soles is a stand-out choice for those in the market for an orthotic thong. Recommended by podiatrists and sold Australia-wide, you can easily find a pair that suits your personal style right here online. With tonnes of choice backed up by a foundation of good support, why not treat your feet to what they've been missing? For questions and access to friendly assistance, please contact us now.


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