Morton’s neuroma is one of the most common causes of pain in the balls of your feet. When the nerve behind the third and fourth toes becomes inflamed, scar tissue around the nerve and enlargement of the nerve itself can occur.

Imagine having a rock stuck in your shoe, right on the ball of your foot. Then combine that with sharp burning pains, stinging toes and bouts of numbness. It’s quite the painful condition, Morton’s neuroma. Some patients may also experience a clicking sensation in the forefoot as a result of Morton’s.

Women who frequently wear high heels or tight-fitting shoes are susceptible to Morton’s Neuroma and heels in particular have been linked to the condition.

Orthotics can sometimes prevent the rolling in of the balls of the feet when walking and reduce pain caused by Morton’s neuroma.

It is important to choose footwear that are well fitted to your feet. Choose shoes that are comfortable and mold to your feet, rather than shoes that are too tight and squeeze the foot. Look for orthotic cushioned shoes with extra support such as a metatarsal bar for extra relief.   


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