Australia’s Foot Health Week is on from the 14th – 20th of October 2019 and this year we’re being asked to stand up for our health and find out where our feet fit in when it comes to our overall health.

National Foot Health Week is supported by the Australian Podiatry Association and not only aims to bring awareness, but to encourage all Aussies look after their feet. The wellbeing of your feet can impact so many areas of your life including movement, your work, travel, activity and freedom and can even alert you to health issues in other parts of the body.

For instance, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes can be diagnosed through problems with the feet. Quite often a numbness or tingling of the feet can act as a first warning sign. Should you experience any pain or changes in the feet, it is important to have them checked by a podiatrist.

Two out of five Australian’s admit they suffer from foot pain and 63% of Aussies haven’t sought medical advice. So, if you’re an athlete, diabetic, have heart problems, elderly or someone who works on their feet all day, it is important to get regular foot health checks. In fact, all Aussies should be getting their feet checked – so why not start this week for National Foot Health Week.



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