When it comes to caring for your children’s feet, it is extremely important to choose the correct footwear from day one. Our kids’ feet are actively growing and developing, so protecting their feet as early as possible can prevent them from developing foot problems or injuries and possibly correct any underlying abnormalities.

We all know how active our little ones can be, whether just mucking around playing or exercising. So just like adults, children need their footwear to provide sufficient support to minimize the risk of potential injury and assist in the absorption of shock to protect little joints.

Aussie Soles Starfish Orthotic Thongs provide true orthotic arch support for the perfect fit for your child’s feet. Featuring a heel cup to provide extra comfort and support, anatomically correct Arch and Met support, a super soft, durable toe divider, supportive strap and a tarsal bar which can help eliminate toe clenching.

Better yet, Aussie Soles’ children’s range are podiatrist recommended and popular with clients. The inbuilt arch support will assist with the efficiency of foot function during gait and may also decrease stresses placed on the feet when walking by adjusting the feet to a better biomechanical position.

The best part of all? They’re super comfy and come in a wide range of colours, so relax ya feet!


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