Sever’s disease is a common cause of heel pain, quite often affecting children and physically active people. While painful, treatment and proper shoe choice can help reduce discomfort.

The ailment, that usually occurs during a growth spurt, causes irritation and swelling to the growth plate in the heel, which is the most vulnerable part of the bone. As muscles and tendons grow, they can pull on the plate and other activities such as playing sports can also injure the plate causing Sever’s disease.

Those with Sever’s disease can experience swelling and redness, walk with a limp, pain upon touching the sides of the heels and stiffness of the feet when arising. The good news is that with proper treatment, Sever’s disease usually only lasts a few months and doesn’t typically cause ongoing problems. Sufferers will usually experience the most pain during or soon after physical activity and tend to get relief once rested.

Your choice of footwear can help reduce the pain associated with Sever’s disease. Look for shoes that are open backed, like orthotic thongs, to keep pressure off the heels. Heel cups and proper arch support will also keep the stress off your heel by distributing your weight evenly. Your doctor will advise which medications may help and an ice pack on the area can also help with pain.

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