Aussie Soles Orthotic Starfish Recovery Sandals support a faster recovery from a sporting injury.

Whether you are a professional athlete, amateur or weekend warrior our high-performance footwear gives you the cushioned support you need to alleviate pain and recover sooner. They also offer relief form a number of conditions including Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs.  


  • Moulded to your feet
  • Orthotic arch support
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Made from a unique AusLite™ anti-bacterial Polly Foam
  • Deep recess for extra comfort
  • Support feet in their natural position
  • Super soft toe divider and snug fitting strap that hugs the orthotic support to your sole

 After you've participated in your chosen sport and you've given your feet, ankles, knees, legs and back an absolute battering, Aussie Soles Starfish Recovery Sandals will give you the comfort and support you need to get on with your life, without doing more damage.

Engineered to help your feet recover better than typical footwear, you'll feel like your feet are locked in and your toes aren't sliding around. They take the stress off your body and knees. It’s a natural feeling, like you're not wearing any footwear. You’ll love the sensation and wonder why you’ve been wearing ordinary sandals or thongs / flip flops for so long.


Extra cushioned like shock absorbers, Aussie Soles Starfish sandals absorb shock and the impact a hard surface can have on your body. They give your feet and joints a chance to recover.


 Designed with the assistance of leading Podiatrists, Aussie Soles Starfish Recovery Sandals are made to perform. Each feature has a specific function that works together to enhance recovery from a wide range of sporting injuries.   

Unlike other recovery footwear, Starfish Sandals aren’t heavy, they’re lightweight. But don’t be fooled, they don’t compromise on support.


Aussie Soles Starfish Sandals are available in both men and women’s sizes and you can choose from three fashion colours.


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