Those suffering from diabetes know that damage can occur to many parts of the body causing complications that impact daily life. Commonly, people with diabetes have an increased chance of developing foot problems or neuropathy, a condition where the nerves to your feet become damaged.

Specially designed footwear that promote blood circulation in your feet can help reduce the risk of diabetic related foot problems and offer relief for sufferers. Custom made orthotics such as Aussie Soles’ Starfish Orthotic Flip Flops are very suitable for diabetics as they are soft, lightweight, comfortable and supportive. They actually mold to your feet!

Aussie Soles Starfish Orthotic thongs feature a higher orthotic arch support and reflexology nubs to increase circulation, not to mention they’re made from super soft Aussie Soles’ unique AusLiteTM foam. The heel cup cradles the heel, providing a supported and straight strike of the heel to the ground as you walk, and Metatarsal support under your toes helps to eliminate toe clenching, allowing your feet to relax and relieve pain.

So, if you suffer from diabetes and are looking to try new support flip flops, why not try Aussie Soles? Like so many of Aussie Soles clients, they might be your new favorites.

And at the very least, relax ya feet!


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