For hours of endless entertainment with the kids these holidays, bust out The Great Aussie Soles Thong Race!

Perfect at the beach, all you need are your Aussie Soles, your fiercest competitors and one responsible adjudicator.

  1. Competitors, lie down on your stomachs in the sand in a line. Eyes in front, no peeking behind you!

  2. Adjudicator, take the competitors Aussie Soles and place them upright in the sand behind them. You’ll only need one per competitor.

    At the adjudicators discretion, you can stagger the Aussie Soles so everyone gets a fair go.

    For example, place the Aussie Soles of younger competitor’s closer to them so they don’t have as far to run.

  3. When the adjudicator is ready, yell “On your marks, get set, go!”

  4. Leap to your feet, turn around, find your Aussie Soles and sprint!

  5. The last person to get to their Aussie Soles is eliminated.

  6. Depending on how many people you have playing, continue racing until you’re down the final two, then crown The Great Aussie Soles Race winner!


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