Comfortable orthopaedic thongs from Aussie Soles can help your feet.

At Aussie Soles, we focus on the health and wellness of your feet while providing stylish, good-looking, and casual footwear for people of all ages at affordable prices. The comfort and quality of our thongs are our priorities.

The Importance of Ortho Thongs

The most important thing about our ortho thongs is how versatile they are. Here are a few incredible benefits of our thongs.

  • They can ease the pain in your knees and back thanks to the support that they provide. Based on the way our thongs are built, they gently guide your feet into the correct position, which helps with your posture. Bad posture can have a lasting adverse effect on the rest of your body, so let our thongs assist.
  • You can wear them all day. No matter how much walking you have to do throughout the day, our orthotic thongs will withstand the pressure and help you stay on your feet for long periods. Our thongs can be an excellent addition to the shoe collection for anyone who walks a lot but still wants the comfort of breathable thongs.
  • They work for children, adults, and the elderly. Many people think of orthopaedic shoes as just for old people, but they can benefit anyone whether you have pre-existing problems with your feet or not.

Problems That Aussie Soles Addresses

We give you fantastic-quality thongs that support one of your biggest assets: your feet. Aussie Soles is here to deliver an incredible new healthy footwear option. Here’s how:

  • We focus on what well-designed orthopaedic casual footwear can do for you. Most thongs have little to no structural support, and we believe you should be able to wear informal shoes while still enjoying orthopaedic support.
  • Aussie Soles are approved by podiatrists across Australia. In a study in 2010, we asked podiatrists what they really thought about our products. 84% told us that they would recommend our orthotic thongs over standard rubber or leather thongs.
  • We create our thongs with heel cups, arch support, and metatarsal bars that can eliminate toe clenching that can damage your feet. Built with a light polymer foam, they will hug your feet, which can help you to walk naturally without straining your feet.

About Aussie Soles

We have been in business since 2004, which has given us more than 13 years of experience in creating orthopaedic thongs in Australia. Our products are available in 500 locations across Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to provide you with a shoe that minimises the stress placed on your feet with high-quality arch support that puts your feet in a better biomechanical position to enhance your comfort all day long.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our orthopaedic thongs in Australia and how they can benefit you. We understand how important your feet are, and Aussie Soles is here to help keep them healthy.


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