With the Covid Pandemic sweeping the world, more and more people are working from home. So, it’s important you feel comfortable and relaxed.






It starts with the right footwear. Aussie Soles’ popular new range of Leisure footwear features a fabulous collection of orthotic shoes which are available in a variety of on-trend colours and styles. The slip-on, easy fit design and soft breathable materials will make you feel like you’re walking on air.



Giving you comfort and support, our Leisure footwear not only look smart in the home but will leave a good impression at the café, supermarket or out walking the dog.  




Although this may be the first time you’ve worked from home, you’ll find there are many benefits. Your work-life balance is more manageable, you may find it easier to fit in a quick exercise break in the middle of the day, you can cook your own lunch at home and you save on travel costs.

Plus, there are a lot less distractions so you’ll be surprised how your productivity can improve. But it’s best to keep good habits. You don’t want to slack off, you want to set a regular routine and dress to an acceptable standard.


Podiatrists are concerned that people will develop what they are calling “Work-From-Home” (WFH) feet. WFH feet is when you begin to experience acute pain in your feet, especially in the heels and arches, which results from wearing slippers or ill-fitting shoes when working from home.

If you’re someone who walks around all day wearing Ugg boots or soft slippers at home, you need to stop. The footwear you wear indoors generally do not provide your feet with the right support, unless of course you’re wearing Aussie Soles footwear.

Your work-from-home footwear may not have a strap, a lace or comfortable insoles to give you that extra support and cushioning. This leads to fatigued feet and legs, muscles aches and foot cramps.

Aussie Soles’ Leisure footwear strikes the right balance between comfort and support… professional and casual. They’re great for when you’re playing with the kids, enjoying a BBQ with friends, attending beach party, watching TV… or working from home.

To see our new Leisure footwear, CLICK HERE. They’ll make a wonderful addition to your footwear collection.


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