Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves which can affect many parts of the body including, and commonly, the feet. Neuropathy is damage to the nerves and sufferers are known to experience tingling or ‘pins and needles’, a burning sensation, numbness and pain in the feet that is usually worse during the night.

There are many known causes of neuropathy and one of the most common is diabetes. Certain medications can also result in the condition such as medications like those used to treat cancer like chemotherapy or radiation. Other factors can include nerve pressure, a virus or infection and severe and long-term alcoholism, to name a few.

While some have found relief through medical treatments, other practices such as massage, chiro or acupuncture have been beneficial in relieving the effects of neuropathy. If your neuropathy tends to target your feet, you’ll need to ensure you have proper orthopaedic thongs to aid in pain relief.

Sandals with arch support that promote blood circulation can help reduce the risk of further foot problems and also offer relief. When purchasing supportive thongs, a heel cup and metatarsal bar will offer your feet further support, and as long as they’re lightweight and comfortable, they will help provide some relief from neuropathy. 


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